Whenever I come into contact with any form of art I tend to seek for meaning, beyond obvious aesthetic appreciation.

This liberating experience is my own personal truth.

When a picture is hanging on the wall, one should never tire of it, one should always be discovering new layers of meaning. That is my idea of an image worth looking at.

Chryssa Nikoleri holds Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Photography and Photo Design from  the Bayerische Staatslehranstalt für Photographie in Munich.

She collaborates with national and international magazines and publications such as Afar, Vogue, Vimagazino, Ethnos, Lexus etc.

She has taken part in numerous exhibitions such as the Biennale for Young Artists and the Thessaloniki Photo Biennale.

By getting involved with other creative fields, such as painting, music, and teaching, she discovers new perspectives and evolves.

As a third generation photographer, she considers tradition important.

Extended CV


The fascinating photographic history of Nikoleri’s family in LIFO.gr

“My grandfather started as a photographer’s assistant” starts telling the photographer Chryssa Nikoleri. “He left six years from Eastern Rumelia, Istanbul and went on a little longer to work with Instabul’s most distinguished and famous photographer, Antriomenou”

Then Theodore Nikoleris decides to volunteer and join in Greek Army in 1920, with the launch of the Asia Minor Campaign. He served in the 12th Division, which is experiencing firsthand the march and subsequent destruction, tragic evacuation, loss. The photos of that period are up to today not only undeniable historical testimonies and great artwork, if one takes into account the practical conditions and the technical means available to it.

In 1925 Theodore Nikoleris settledd in Drama, where he founded Studio Nikoleris. It deals with almost all types of photography, but especially with the portrait.

In 1944 Theodore Nikoleris installed in Thessaloniki, where he carries toStudio Nikoleris. In 1964 he goes to Athens, where he creates second studio: there photographing portraits of political, economic and social life of the country from the royal couple Constantine and Anna, Prime Minister George Papandreou, and the academic director of the Bank of Greece and policies, the theater actress Marika Kotopouli and countless weddings. Then the studios of Athens took the eldest son of Thomas and that of the smallest Diogenes Thessaloniki.

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